Suzy Menkes

Suzy Menkes

Editor, Vogue International

Fashion Reflects, And Activates Its Energy

Applying couture skills to hospital robes, fragrance into hand sanitiser, and making masks to save lives.

“This time will bring out the best and worst in people, and I find it beautiful to read about the gestures,” Alber Elbaz says. “I have always loved our industry, so it is no surprise. But I think that we, as human beings, believed that we were mastering nature. Today we realise we are only part of nature.”

In isolation, like so many other creatives in the fashion industry, the designer has time to reflect – not just about the horror of the ever-spreading Coronavirus, but on the way it has brought forward heroes, and not just for one day.

In an industry repeatedly dismissed as frivolous and wasteful, the nimble fingers of unknown hand-workers – the petites mains – more familiar with silk, satin, and hand-stitching embroidery, are now creating French hospital staff robes, while Dior’s fragrance teams are translating their skills into bottles of LVMH hand sanitiser.

The list of fashion warriors who have started to help – whether with investment or with individual skills – is exceptional.

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