Maria Grazia Chiuri

Maria Grazia Chiuri

Creative Director, Dior

I’m writing this from my home in Rome, where I have been working since the end of March to be closer to my family. It’s a strange, scary time for my home country, but it’s made me even more proud to be Italian. During the coronavirus crisis, I’ve been humbled to witness the dedication of our doctors and nurses, who I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart. Our innate sense of being Italian has helped us feel close despite our distance. It will help us get through these terrible times.

Working together, albeit from afar

At Dior, a lot of our work is in Italy, too. I live in Rome. My family is in Rome. We have several factories in Italy, including one in Tuscany. Normally we would spend some time in Italy before showing a collection because we want to see the final prototypes and shapes. This season though, we had no time to reflect on what was happening. When things worsened, my first priority was to say to my team: “Please, we have to protect ourselves now, and find a different way to work.” We immediately got computers so we could work remotely. I love to share ideas with my team — we speak all the time. Social distancing, especially from my background, feels strange.

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