Emma Specter

Emma Specter

Editor, Vogue US

“Look for the helpers,” Mr. Rogers’s mother famously said to him, but as the coronavirus spreads rapidly around the U.S. and the world at large, it’s becoming clear that we all need to become the helpers, as quickly as possible.

Of course, the recommended practice of social distancing is complicating relief efforts; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends against visiting loved ones in assisted living or gathering in large groups. As the federal government urges isolation, many people are wondering: How can we extend a hand to those in our communities who are most affected by COVID-19, from older adults to restaurant employees out of work?

Luckily there’s one totally risk-free and safe way to offer succor to those most affected by COVID-19: online donations, which can be done even if you’re unable to leave the house. Below, find a roundup of worthy organizations you can donate to from the safety of home (and if you’re able to, please keep paying housekeeperschildcare professionals, and other domestic workers, even if they’re not able to safely service you at the moment.)

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