Conference Continues

Artistic and Imperial Journeys
In Day One’s second set of sessions, speakers will explore luxury on a grand scale – observing the Imperial Vienna of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, high jewellery and high craft in Paris, and dynamic new consumer markets of Eastern Europe.  

Session To Be Announced

Sex, Power and Imperialism
Historian and bestselling author, Simon Sebag Montefiore will explore the role of Vienna in creating the world today. From past to present to future, he will share the impact of the city as the perpetual laboratory of the modern age.
Simon Sebag Montefiore

Eastern Visions of Vogue
From the launch of Vogue Russia in 1998 to Vogue Ukraine in 2013 – and more recently Vogue Poland and Vogue Czechoslovakia in 2018 – the Central- and Eastern-European region has developed as both a dynamic consumer market and as a rich source of creative influence. This session will examine the various Central- and Eastern-European visions of Vogue and what this means for the luxury and fashion industries at large.
Karina Dobrotvorsakaya, Editorial Director, Condé Nast