Powered by Red Bull’s spirit of innovation and driven by purpose, AlphaTauri is creating a new way in fashion that enriches both body and mind. AlphaTauri was founded by Red Bull with a desire to focus on engineering unique and innovative fashion technologies that add value to both body and mind. The AlphaTauri concept comes to market as consumers are increasingly asking for clothing that fits their lifestyles, that provide functionality and innovation without sacrificing style. The company that created an entirely new market segment with the launch of its energy drink is ready to do it again with AlphaTauri.


The brand is named in honour of the AlphaTauri star – the brightest, most radiant and energy-rich star in the constellation of Taurus (the Bull). It refers to the energy that inspires the brand AlphaTauri, and the star’s placement directly in the Bull’s eye aligns with the brand’s focus on precision and perfection. “Alpha” nods to being a leader, and the name AlphaTauri pays tribute to its Red Bull heritage.


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